X-rays checks for high pressure equipment

Sight is the sense that man uses for learning, for communicating and ... and also for seducing!
Sight allows us to appreciate a sunset, a movie, to paint a picture or to make a sculpture, to experience emotions and to transfer them to other people. In nature there are “different forms of sight”. Some animals "hear" objects and nearby prey like bats: they send a sound out that bounces off solid obstacles and receive back echoes so that they can have a precise idea of the surroundings map.
Dolphins, which use their vocalizations as a sophisticated acoustic sonar to locate their prey, even in the dark depths of the sea, have a similar ability.
Then there is another type of sight that has made entire generations of kids dream and that everyone has dreamed about at least once in their life: it is Superman’s X-ray vision.
With this superpower Superman is able to see through walls, to locate criminals wherever they are, and, with a little effort, he can pierce rocks or metals... except for lead, obviously!
However, X-rays (also known as Röntgen rays), have been a fundamental discovery in modern medicine. In fact, they are critical diagnostic tools thanks to their accuracy and to the continuous efforts to make them less harmful and more detailed.
This diagnostic system does not apply to the final product, but to the process equipment. For example, in homogenizers, some of the parts that are subjected to high pressures, such as the compression block, are x-rayed. The particular wavelength of the X-rays allows to identify even the smallest internal imperfection of this critical block. This scrupulous control allows the Buffalo Series’ homogenizers to maintain their performance over time and to significantly reduce downtimes due to extraordinary maintenance. This means less downtime and lower operational costs. FBF Italia has this superpower ... we make perfect machines and their quality is impeccable, even when they are inspected with X-rays!
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