Warning signs

The prairie dog, which despite its name is a rodent of the marmot family, lives in populous and well-organized colonies. The survival instinct has led him to keep his guard level high: during meals, in fact, some of them remain on guard and warn others with a variety of 35 different sounds, based on the type of danger. The green vervet, on the other hand, uses three different warning signals depending on whether the predator is an eagle, a snake or a leopard. This difference triggers different response behaviors: if the signal indicates the approach of a bird of prey, individuals will look up in search of the predator and run indoors. On the other hand, if the call indicates the presence of a leopard, they will climb the nearest tree. If the signal indicates a hunting snake, they will look down.
Quieter but no less effective are the warning signs that cyprinids and catfish send out when they are in injured: in this way they give others the opportunity to hide from danger.
These are just a few examples of how each species report the imminent danger. Right from this need for safety and prevention of problems that FBF Italia has been inspired to equip the homogenizers of its Buffalo Series with the best device controls and alarms.
Working large quantities of product and at a very high pressures causes the mechanical parts to be stressed and scratched: for this reason, it is important to always have temperature indicators, oil level indicators, and pressure gauges handy.
At any time, you can easily access these indicators and promptly intervene to avoid breakages, downtime and annoying as well as expensive repairs.
We at FBF Italia learn from nature to keep proactive behaviors towards possible dangers, in order to prevent any circumstance that can compromise the production. Contact us now to get more info about our products and find out now how to improve the performance of your system.