Low noise and vibrations

During an earthquake two different types of vibration can be perceived: a jolt and a wave. The first vibration is typically perceived near the epicenter and occurs with vertical movements while the second is made of horizontal movements with the typical feeling of being on a boat, on the ocean, in the middle of the storm.
These dramatic images are only an amplified example of the stress that not well-balanced machines could have on their main components and on the production structures they are connected to. They provide us with an excellent starting point to reflect on the importance of controlling vibrations in industrial equipment is. And it is not just a matter of preventing damages to the structures but also of the devices themselves: in fact, a machine that produces a lot of vibrations, stresses its own internal components excessively which, working at high pressures, could easily break down or wear out more quickly. Needless to say, that this would increase maintenance costs and will heavily affect the machine lifetime.
FBF Italia, manufactures homogenizers and high pressure p.d. pumps and has always been aware of the impact that vibrations can have on the machines. Lowering vibrations is important for us and you can even test the result of our work by placing unstable objects such as coins, e-cigarettes and other on the homogenizer while working at high pressure. No one of these objects will ever lose their balance and fall off. The outcome is huge: less maintenance, less risk of breakdowns, less downtime and, of course, lower operational costs.