Innovative materials, greater longevity and resistance of the most important mechanical parts (pistons, crankshaft, compression head, gears, etc.).

Materials, meant as the discovery of the world around us, have always played an important role in the history of human kind. Not surprisingly, the indication of the most important eras for man's technological progress, was made by using metals. For example, we identify the period from the Paleolithic (Ancient Stone Age) to the Neolithic (New Stone Age) with "Stone Age", roughly between 2.5 million years and 5,000 years ago. Since then, the following evolutionary eras have been identified with the generic denomination of the Metal Age: "Copper Age" (3,500-2,300 BC), "Bronze Age" (2,300-700 BC) and the most recent "Iron Age" "(From 700 BC to the expansion of the Roman Empire between 27 BC and 68 AD).
Materials are really important in human life because they can perform very important functions in world economic development. The industries today use various types of materials to find new technological solutions aimed at improving everyday life.
The materials used by FBF Italia are the result of specialized skills and technological improvement. For example, alloys of steel and other high-quality metals are identified on the market and used in our homogenizers to achieve the highest levels of reliability, longevity, and durability.
The alloys we use for all components subject to the greatest mechanical stress are carefully selected and processed in order to guarantee the best response to the required standards. The increasingly demanding requirements in terms of reduction of maintenance costs, reduction of energy costs, operational efficiency, require specific skills in the field of materials assessment and processing techniques. And it is precisely this knowledge that we have developed over the years of experience and we are pleased to make it available to our customers.
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