High resistance of spare parts

Leonardo da Vinci has never liked the fresco technique because this method requires quick brush strokes and a fast execution. Quite the opposite of the sublime "nuanced" technique that has contributed to develop.
Think about the round shapes of the Mona Lisa: the veil covering the hair, her face that seems to come out of the table, her hands that seem to be moving. To achieve these effects, the master has layered several coats of color, one on top of the other.
One of the most important Leonardo’s work, is the "Last Supper", probably the mural painting created in a canteen of the convent next to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. This World Heritage Site, listed by UNESCO since 1980, began its slow degradation process already a few years after “the Last Supper” was painted due to the humidity of the kitchen wall and to the dry color technique used by Leonardo.
We received these extraordinary works from the past and we are not only required to preserve them now but to find the way to leave them to future generations. And here we are called to take care of them in an "adequate" way, by taking all the attentions to maintain their original values.
The same exact thing should happen to an industrial equipment. When the time goes by and when the machine starts accumulating thousands of hours of work, some service is needed to maintain its original efficiency.
In this case, to be “adequate" means providing to our customers suitable spare parts to guarantee the initial performance of the machine. For this reason, each original FBF Italia spare part is designed to provide the highest efficiency and productivity levels in time.
Choosing "adequate" spare parts is not only an economic issue but is mostly a matter of responsibility. In fact, issues related to safety, reliability, and functionality may quickly arise if original spare parts are not used. Just as we like to contemplate the beauty of an artwork that we have helped to save, at the same way we like to look at our machines working smoothly and non-stop thanks to the quality of the materials of our spare parts.
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