From 1450 to 21800 psi of pressure

Would you work in an underwater environment at a depth of 36,070 feet?
You would be under a pressure of about 14,500 psi which would instantly smash you into a mass not thicker than a shopping bag.
We are talking about the famous Mariana Trench, namely the Challenger Deep, the deepest and still unexplored point. We don't know if there are living organisms at those depths and what kind they could be, but we do know one thing: nobody would want to work under such as pressure!
However, something could develop even greater pressures!
Who is it?
No, it is not a superhero, it is FBF Italia’s Buffalo Series: a line of homogenizers conceived and developed to work at high pressures, ranging from 1,450 to 21,800 psi to guarantee the perfect homogenization of your products. Heads and valves are built with materials capable of resisting over time to the friction of the product that passes through it at a high pressure. The components subjected to high pressures, are thoroughly "scanned", even x-rayed, to guarantee its perfect integrity and greater durability over time.
Those who already used the Buffalo products witnessed some awesome results! We recently refurbished a homogenizer that has been operating since 1989 and we are sure it will keep working for a long time!
Our philosophy is to always offer the best products in terms of durability, functionality, and safety. This is why we have achieved important certifications, such as 3A, that certifies the excellence of our machines.