Easy installation and inline integration

Living beings have always understood that social life, as a group of individuals, is the best form of defense and use of internal and external resources that they have. This social aggregation requires a rational use of the available spaces to have an efficient stock and storage capacity.
For this concept, geometry becomes useful to answer the question: how can space be rationalized in the best possible way, while guaranteeing the necessary operating comfort?
The geometric shape that best allows free and wide movements is the circle because it has no external edges nor internal corners. However, by joining the circles, we immediately understand that between one circle and another there is an empty space that cannot be used (not rational).
What other geometric shapes could improve the ergonomics of spaces? There are three: the equilateral triangle, the square and the hexagon. These are in fact the only shapes that can be combined with each other without leaving any space. However, the best geometrical shape under a conceptual point of view is the circle, so the right compromise could be using the hexagon, the closest shape to the circle. A circle can in fact be surrounded by six other identical circles, just like the hexagon.
The hexagon is the typical shape of the cells in the hives. It is not clear whether bees and wasps create their nests with hexagonal shapes or if they are initially round and are then pressed and acquire the typical hexagonal shapes. This search for optimization to encourage the integration and coexistence of multiple modules that is present for insects, is held in high consideration by FBF Italia. In fact, the homogenizers of the Buffalo series are the best solution to complete new or existing process lines. They have a compact shape and an almost total absence of vibrations which makes them perfect components to be integrated into any production line. Another element that makes the Buffalo series a fundamental component in any process system is the "plug and play" installation: it is sufficient to connect the homogenizer to the power supply, water supply, air distribution, product source (inlet/outlet) and the machine is ready to run! These operations are very simple and allow the replacement of an old homogenizer in minutes.
In addition, the reduced ordinary maintenance allows you to "forget" about the homogenizer, minimizing downtime and management costs. Contact us now to find out how we can improve your system with our homogenizers and volumetric pumps!